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Tucsound is the brainchild of Jonathan Frahm, a local writer and music enthusiast who has had works locally published in the Tucson WeeklyExplorer NewspaperMarana NewsFoothills NewsDesert Times, and Inside Tucson Business. Internationally, his works have been published online by PopMattersFor Folk’s SakeAlter the Press!, and Yahoo! Voices.

To contact Jonathan with inquiries related to Tucsound, including but not limited to story and review pitches, as well as additions to our events calendar, feel free to email him at tucsound.jon@gmail.com.

“The idea for Tucsound was first conceived when I’d been chatting with an out-of-town musician, multi-instrumentalist Michael Dause from Michigan’s The Accidentals, between sets at The Sea of Glass off 7th St. back in May 2016. Whereas I was going for something along the lines of The Tucson View or Tucson Sounds, Michael was very enthusiastic about the Tucsound amalgam – so we went with it!

From there, it’s been about making a dream into a reality, and now I’m finally ready to bring the vision of Tucsound to the fine people of our Old Pueblo – and hopefully beyond! The intent of Tucsound is to bring Tucson’s bright, endearing, and incredibly talented base of thousands of instances of musical talent to the eyes and ears of other scenes across the globe. The musical family of artists and appreciators that we have managed to create here is something beautiful, something worth sharing with the world. It is my hope that with Tucsound, we will do just that!”

Thanks goes out to:

  • Kellan Doyle, for creating the Tucsound logo!
  • Michael Dause, for inspiring the Tucsound name!
  • The innumerable individuals who have kept me going with developing Tucsound into an actual functioning publication, including but not limited to my parents, Geraldine and Jack, sister, Jacqueline, and dachshund, Twinkie! As well as to the many, many talented artists in this city who I have had the honor of calling my colleagues and friends, the numerous hard-working writers and editors that I’ve worked with between my work with Tucson Local Media, PopMatters, and beyond, and all of my closest friends both near and far who have always been near.
  • As always, with any endeavor, I have to thank my sixth-grade teacher, Mrs. Pat Paxton, for leading me down the road to write. If it weren’t for her, Tucsound would’ve never been a thing. None of this would have ever happened and I’d probably be taking up work as a procurer of fine cotton candy somewhere instead – my other dream, in another world, at another time…

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