Artist Playlist: Ryan Green (Ryanhood) – ‘Introspective Acoustic’

By now, Tucson natives should know the name Ryanhood well. Five albums, 14 years making music, opening for the likes of Jason Mraz to Kelly Clarkson and Jay-Z, and even a Wikipedia page later, they’re still making way for their meteoric rise to the top of the Arizona artist food chain this side of Calexico.

Ryan Green, together with Cameron Hood, fuse folk and rock stylings together in a pop sensible package full of empathy and light that’s hard to stop listening to once you start going. Ryan sent over an artist playlist to Tucsound showcasing 10 songs that he currently has on rotation. Below are his picks, along with commentary on each of the tracks present on his proclaimed ‘introspective acoustic’ playlist.

You can view the Spotify version of this playlist by clicking this link. Click here to check out Cameron Hood’s playlist.

I’ve probably listened to this song a hundred times and it still deeply moves me. Her voice, the atmosphere, the build. It’s brought me to tears on more than one occasion.
One of my favorite new acoustic ensembles. Their Apollo EP is amazing, and I can’t wait for their next full album.
A beautiful, moving instrumental. I find that many of my favorite pieces of music only have two musical motifs. This one carries us along on those two simple mel
odies for nearly 5 minutes.
The harmonies on this song (sung by Aoife O’Donovan and Chris Thile) are so sticky to me, I have to be careful not to listen to this song after 8pm or it will be in
my head all night long.
Another one of my favorite new acoustic groups. The spirit of this song reminds me a little of jamming on acoustic guitars with Cameron.
Yes, I’m going to include one of my own songs, but it’s because I think it fits so well in this playlist. Perhaps better than it has ever fit anywhere else.
The music from this film is absolutely stunning. I could make an entire playlist of music from this film, but this is probably my favorite moment.
What introspective acoustic playlist could be without the kings of new acoustic music, The Punch Brothers.
Another amazing new acoustic group. Their album ‘You Got This’ was my favorite release of 2014.
We played a concert in St. Petersburg, FL last year, and Peppino D’Agostino (a world renowned guitarist) was in the audience for our show. After the show,  I handed him my guitar and he began playing. A crowd soon gathered around him, and this is the song that he played.
Words by: Ryan Green & Jonathan Frahm

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