20 Favorites: Michael G. Ronstadt

Whereas his brother Petie has been touring as the lead for their band Ronstadt Generations and recording and producing upcoming albums by artists at Ronstadt Recording Co. here in Tucson, older brother Michael G. Ronstadt has found his second home in Cincinnati. There, he teaches professional cello courses for a living whilst pursuing music from all sorts of angles as a solo artist, a member of the eclectic dream pop band Serenity Fisher and the Cardboard Hearts, and as a duo with collaborator Aaron Nathans.

The virtuoso has enough room in his heart for both the Old Pueblo and the Queen City, and that alone made for an intriguing delve into his 20 Favorites. This even goes without involving every other consistent point of hilarity and intrigue that this esteemed artist offered in up in our chat, held in my truck just outside of Guadalajara off of Prince in Tucson after enjoying a great meal together.

1. Favorite fruit? 


2. Favorite vegetable?


3. Favorite dessert?


4. Favorite article of clothing in your closet?

Ties. All sorts of ties, but especially the one I wore yesterday.

5. Favorite brand of pants?

Pipeline? No, I’m not sure. Levis. Let’s go with Levis. That’s fine.

6. Favorite colors?

Well, two favorite colors are forest green and lavender, but if I were to really tell you my favorites they’d be silver and copper which are not actually colors. 

7. Favorite holiday?

President’s Day. 

8. Favorite album?

Paul Simon’s ‘Graceland’. 

9. Favorite guilty pleasure song or album?

Vertical Horizon – “Everything You Want”. Petie said Adele? That’s not a guilty pleasure. He should’ve just said Spice Girls.

10. Favorite book?

Lord of the Rings. The whole thing.

11. Favorite characteristic of a sloth?

Their due diligence of getting from Point A to Point B without missing a beat.

12. Favorite movie?

High Fidelity. I like that. It sticks to me.

13. Favorite season?

I like spring, in both Arizona and everywhere else. Flowers. Gotta take pictures of flowers. I’m at 80 now on Twitter.

14. Favorite animal?

Penguin. My high school mascot! My middle school was the Utterback Unicorn. So, unicorns and penguins. Both are totally real.

15. Favorite city in the United States?

Tucson, Arizona. If you gave me the top two cities, it’d have to be Cincinnati.

16. Favorite city out of the United States?

Conwy, North Wales.

17. Favorite subject in school?

Music? Music. That works. Calculus was fun, but music.

18. Favorite superhero?

Superman. Classic. 

19. Favorite pastime?

Taking macro photos of flowers. Or of anything. Like slugs.

20. Favorite childhood memory?

Standing barefoot in a wash when it was running just a little bit, remembering about how I didn’t worry about all of the horrible pieces of metal and stuff that were probably flowing forward underneath me.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm

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